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The Color of Royalty

The Victorian Orchid

We are proud to announce ‘The Victorian Orchid’ as part of the Rio Diamond collection of rare diamonds.

This incredibly rare Vivid Purple diamond is a one of a kind natural gem, weighing 1.64 carats. The existence of these colors are extraordinarily uncommon and sought after by collectors for their extremely rare beauty.

The stone will be exhibited at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, California on December 2016 through March 2017 as part of the ‘Diamonds: Rare Brilliance’ exhibition.

For centuries ‘Purple’ has been considered as a color of royalty, signifying the elite status of wealth among those in power.

Queen Elizabeth I once forbid anyone except those in the royal family from wearing purple, making it not only a reflection of wealth but also of regal status.

Purple diamonds are known to be sourced from different geographic origins.

A recurring source however is Russia’s Siberia region.







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